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A collective of movers and shakers, curating a template space for artists, locals, explorers and the curious mind to come and unite. A space where art happens symbiotically. We enter with an open, expansive, and curious mind, and provide access to collaborate, share, learn, experience, challenge, transform, and indulge while bringing light to your own human experience. A space where community thrives, through celebrating, supporting and showcasing local artists, entrepreneurs and instructors. A space for sustainable art. An incubator, springboard, velcro, and nest. Where authentic expression is invited to be explored and your freak flag flies along side ours. An integral part of the san diego art community and a heartbeat of Ocean Beach. Earth stewartists, and community activists for conserving San Diego's natural beauty. Celebrating the vitality of life through world art, music, movement, & stories. A space of transparent communication, social responsibility, and radical inclusion. A space of abundance for all, and equality for all ages, races, genders & zip codes. A space where everyone has a voice.


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5032 Niagara Ave, San Diego, CA 92107, USA

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